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Aeroscan CD25 ensures steady performance and speeds up your daily examination with efficiency, accuracy, and consistency. This is a highly reliable product which designed with an intuitive user interface to maximize patients' comfort during well-rounded evaluations.

As the preferred compact ultrasound platform for today’s women’s health imaging challenges, Aeroscan CD25 offers advanced Solutions for the needs of every woman at any stage of their pregnancy & any gynecologic exam. Loaded with a host of must-have, useful functions and a suit of extended applications, the Aeroscan CD25 commits to provide superior endovaginal imaging and best-in-class fetal imaging for both 2D and Colour Doppler

  • 17-inch High definition LED monitor with an articulating arm

  • Four active universal transducer sockets

  • Probe Compatibility Convex, Endocavity, Linear Micro-Convex, Phased Array, Volumetric Etc, CD25 Will Support 16 Types Of Probe

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