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Ultrasonic Cleaner

  • Indigenously manufactured with advanced MOSFET/ IGBT technology.

  • Pulse Sweep Power to obtain maximum cleaning efficiency with lesser dead zones. Compact, rugged and highly durable systems.

  • Efficiency of 90% Permits maximum cleaning action, low power consumption.

  • Automatic frequency tuning for maximum output to avoid freq. shifting.

  • Digital 99Min. Pre settable timer. Digital Temperature Controller.

  • Pre Set Auto Degassing Function.

  • Ultrasonic Power Controller 10% to 100%.

  • State of art Mode to achieve demanding cleaning levels.

  • Non-Standard Dual Chamber and Multi Chamber for specific requirements.

  • Material holding system ca also integrate as per requirement.

  • Multi frequency operation (optional) for cleaning with best result of low and high frequencies to eliminate dead zone completely.

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