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High Pressure Steam Steriliser


  • Fully Automatic Horizontal Cylindrical High Speed High Pressure Medical Sterilizers

  • Triple walled unit, the sterilizer consists of a chamber with steam jacket and outer insulation cover

  • Door: Double Door hinge type with radial locking system

  • Double Door Sterilizer is closed from both ends with full size SS Panel. It consists of Master-Slave Touch Screen HMI, Indication Lights, Emergency Switch, Pressure Gauges, Alarm

  • Door Gasket: Expandable type silicone rubber gasket, withstands up to 140°C

  • Standard features: Dial thermometer, pressure gauges for steam generator and jacket, compound gauge for chamber, sight glass, stainless steel perforated tray and hook, expandable silicone gasket

  • Material of Construction – Steam Sterilizer Chamber, Jacket, Door, Radial Locking Arm, Outer Insulation Cover, Pipelines, Steam Generator all made of heavy gauge SS 304/316/316L grade Stainless Steel

  • Working Pressure: 1.2 kgf/cm² & 2.1 kgf/cm²

  • Working Temperature: 121°C / 134°C

  • Power Supply: 440 V, 3 Phase, 50 Hz AC Supply

  • Safety devices: Pressure switch, safety valves, self-locking of door when chamber is under pressure, vacuum breaker, low water level cut-off

  • Safety features: Door locking facility, Low water protection system, Pressure cut off facility and other necessary safety features

  • Hydrostatic test : Hydraulically tested chamber up to 2 times the working pressure and jacket up to 2.5 times the working pressure

  • Standards: BIS – IS:3829 Latest Edition with ISI mark for High Speed Steam Sterilizers

  • Documentation: User manual, Warranty Certificate, Hydraulic Test Certificate, Calibration Certificate.

  • Vent filters with automatic sterilization in place and attachments for water-Intrusion-Test.

  • Option of jacket cooling for liquid loads.

  • Electrically heat steam generator for Laboratories & Research Intuitions.

  • Attachments for steam quality testing as per EN285 norms.

  • Facility for terminal sterilization of glass containers with atomized water spray with air over pressure and jacket cooling.

  • Option for vacuum least testing of sealed ampoules.

  • Sanitary design for piping & valves with dead leg (1.50 and slope) 2%.

  • Comprehensive test programs, Vacuum Leak Test, Bowie & Dick Test & Pressure Leak Test to safeguard your process and machine.

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