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Rapid/Flash Autoclave

  • Chamber safety valve and heat resistants silicon Gasket provided.

  • Chamber tested hydraulically at 3kg/cm2.

  • Chamber and door fabricated out of SS 316/304 grade steel.

  • Power supply is 220 V AC/50Hz. • Digital data back-up facility (Optional).

  • Audio alarm & visual display error messages on screen

  • Supervisory access codes and password protection for prevention of unauthorized access.

  • Temperature uniformly and accurately maintained throughout the chamber to within ± 1 °C of the set sterilization temperature.


  • A cycle will not start unless the door is properly locked.

  • Safety valve adjusted at 3kg/cm2.

  • During cycle PLC constantly monitor pressure through pressure transmitter to assure chamber with in safe pressure (less than 3kg/cm2).

  • Alarm on long delay in pre sterile phase.

  • Alarm on long delay in vacuum.

  • Alarm on long delay in exhaust phase.

  • Alarm on long delay in Air brake phase.

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